Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The New Faces of Boden

Things are changing RAPIDLY here. Mr. B.'s independent streak is really taking form... as well as wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Whether its being happy (which is most of the time), super intense, constipated, inquisitive... or down right mad- there's no mistaking where you might stand with him at any given moment.

I guess some would call it... refreshing. Whatever the title, it makes for good photography. Boden has gone from being fairly shy with the camera, to going all celebrity with the camera- he keeps trying to grab the darn thing and smash it into the ground. Go figure.

We're thinking he's starting to beef up a bit. You tell us. He'll be nine months in just a few days- and I can tell you that some of his 9 months stuff is starting to get filled out. But then again- he's still wearing some of the 3-6 month stuff too. Who really knows.

Hope you enjoy the ankle-biter. I think you can get a bit of personality out of these...


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