Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Good to be a Boy!

One thing that we have discovered with this whole process with Boden- is that he is certainly ALL- and totally innately- boy. I took a daddy/son trip to Bass Pro Shop today- and all he wanted to do is check out the fish and dead things. I had to stop the boy from spitting on people from the second story balcony... so we are reigning him in a bit.

He also has taken to making mouth-fart noises on the side of his ducky bathtub. I'm not sure where he got it- I swear I didn't show him how to do it. Combine that with Boden's total lack of ability to realize all things he runs into (you know, fireplaces, chairs, dog...) on his way to fun and entertainment- and there is no mistaking him for a boy.

With Boden's new found mobility- the world is opening up around him. On a day home with momma last week- Boden discovered the wonders of fort making... It really didn't take all that much- a couple pillows, a blanket, some things to shake around- and voila! One boy fort-

We're also in the beginnings of making new toys. You know the like- wooden spoons, pasta in a tupperware dish, cords that are attached to things that fall on one's head. You name it. Its making Steph and I both have to be on our toes a little bit more- but its exciting!

Hope you enjoy the boy a little... carry on.

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