Monday, June 14, 2010

Things are a'happenin!

Admittedly- I have become somewhat of a slacker. Life has suddenly gotten very hectic... and like most very hectic times, I'm mostly too busy to even know what is making it so hectic. But that's just part of living I suppose. During all of this, Mr. B. has started doing and discovering new things at an incredibly rapid pace. And- I might add- his meteoric rise to stardom has begun.
As you can see- this kid is looking a lot more like a little boy everyday. It both exciting and a little sad. He's officially grown out of his infant seat- so we've bought one of those bigger honker seats and we need to get a second one.

The boy has started to realize that he's to dad-gum cute for his own good- There's a bit of manipulation and working the momma as you can see. Even when she's wearing his viking hats, he still know how to push the buttons.

It took the boy eleven
months to start sprouting tooth number one. Now we're working on number four at 13 months, so chewing has taken on a whole different meaning. This is good for the actual food department (still digging cheese by the way- especially mac & cheese), bad for mommy's shoulder.

Words are coming slowly but surely. He still can't pronounce eocinophilic esophogitis. The 6th syllable keeps tripping him up. But we're working on it daily.

Life experiences are starting to come a bit more rapid as well. We're selfishly holding the kid back from taking on acrobatics and gymnastics- we can't quite stomach the head diggers off the couch. But we are eating outside most often, turning around backwards to go do the stairs and trying to chase Elway around the house.

Boden recently went to the zoo with his cousins Addison and Quinn. He's fairly certain that the peacocks were the best- although I kind of think it was the polar bears in reality- they just didn't get as close.

This boy went to Rangely to visit Grandma and Grandpa Petersburg and realized that he's not sure what to think of town grass. Mountain grass is a little mores sparse- and you're usually having to avoid the ole elk doodie. In town you can actually get down and crawl around on the stuff... crazy. I tried to put some video on- but didn't work. Just imagine a cat with a sticky not on its foot and you'll get the picture. Grandma also put him up to the piano for a little sweet music. That'll need some work.

Dinner has become the nightly adventure. Boden has decided that he really likes to put things in jars and try to cap the buggers. We're now dipping pears, chicken, tacos, green beans, cheese... you name it- in sweet potatoes, green beans pears chicken (blended up, no doubt), blue berries... you name it. He's slowly learning to use a spoon too. The problem is remembering which end to stick in the mouth and which end to stick in the jar. Its all so confusing.

Perhaps the cutest thing (according to Mr. B's momma) is that Boden is all about sharing the love right now. Most of the time, he's doing it in an appropriate manner. "Snuggle Puppy" has become his favorite buddy- supplanting Tariq from the early years. This- is appropriate. Boden also likes to share the love in a more... exhibitionist way. We cannot keep the kid from standing up naked in his window. Thankfully the neighbors don't seem to mind. But we're worried about flashing the wrong people on the golf course. This- maybe not so appropriate. We'll let you decide.

Hopefully all this will work. I've been trying to provide you with all kinds of video here- but we're having the infamous "technical difficulties." If it doesn't, I'll try to do it for you again a little later... Cheerio. Happy June to you.