Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eating At Last!

Okay... so Mr. B's still not eating like a crazy man- but we are making progress. In the last week or so he's finally had a couple of teeth poke through on the bottom and we think... or are at least hoping, that Boden's appetite is picking up.

At the very least, the boy is having a lot more fun shoving things in that hole of his. It's probably more fun than eating to be honest- but there are certain things that go right in the gullet.

Just tonight, Boden got his first helping of bacon- its about time if you ask me. Steph got him to eat a little ham on Easter too- so he's starting to get to the man food. He's also taken to vanilla wafers, strawberries, nasty processed cheese from the plastic wrap, shredded cheese, string cheese (catching a pattern here? He is a lot like his momma!) and some other bits and pieces here and there.

The teeth have become a huge source of entertainment. This boy has been pulling his bowl off the table and starting to stick his face in the bowl as far as possible... only to to want to chew on the side of the bowl. It has nothing to do with actually trying to eat anything. Soon after that, Boden will inevitably wing the bowl, the spoon... the food... as far as he can across the kitchen. But at least its fun.

Anyway- we hope you enjoy a little bit.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Time in the Rockies

We tend to get most of our snow in March and April... and to show you how far behind we are- Steph and I thought that we would put up some of our recent snow pictures from the end of March.
Some friends of ours gave us a hand-me-down sled for Mr. B. In our last big storm, we thought that we would spend a little time on the deck when it was 60 degrees the day after and then take the kiddo out to the golf course down the street to do some donuts.

We Boden likes the snow- but its a little hard to tell since we haven't just dropped him in it- yet. I think Steph plans to wait till next winter for that...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Splish Splash

So Boden really likes his bath now...and it has become much messier for Mama and Papa. We've actually had to change shirts afterwards because we are so wet. This video is a little grainy because of the steam in the bathroom, but you can see his joy in making a complete mess...This went on for at least 5 minutes one night. It sure is a good way to get all the parts clean!

Our Little Viking

Calling all ladies with blonde hair in braids - Boden the Boogery is here! We haven't seen "How to Train Your Dragon" yet, but we got the hooded towel paraphernalia because it was so darn cute. Obviously Boden has room to grow a viking sized head and needs to learn how to handle his horns, but we are seeing real potential - he can already plunder our living room and pillage his toy basket...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break Party!

In the middle of March- we had the chance to head south like a bunch of snow birds and hang out in Phoenix for a few days with Stephanie's side a little bit... Mr. B. was a little tired of the snow- so it worked well. He was ready to trade snow angels for farmer tans. So- we loaded up in the ole 737 and jumped ship down south.

Probably the highlight of the entire trip was getting to have the chance for Boden to get a good chunk of time to spend with Stephanie's grand dad. Otherwise affectionately known as Boppa. It works well, because Boppa calls Boden... Bogie. I guess it has a certain ring to it- like a seventies sitcom or something- "The Big Bop and Bogie"

We had a lot of firsts on this trip: The Zoo, Swimming Pools, A Baseball Game, Shrieking like a Banshee in the airplane, meeting an overly friendly large man with a beard and gold chains... But what's life if you can't have experiences- heh? We're just making sure our son gets a good early life knapsack full o'fun.

It was a ball getting to have the whole family around- Auntie Brook, Uncle Don, Tia Korona, Z-man, Erik the Great, Boppa and of course, G&G Mac... The only real mishap was a big cup of coffee placed in an unfortunate location next to the white couch and within striking distance of a 10 month old. It could be worse...