Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Christmas!

As one would guess... Boden had one fine and dandy Christmas. Because we're so spread out- he's been having a bit of a prolonged Christmas... a little here at the homestead with ma and pa. Some down with Bedstefar and Barb. Quick trip to the west slope to be with Grandma and Grandpa Mac, and Great Boppa... and a just a touch of Grandma and Grandpa Petersburg- and look what you got.

In no particular order of significance, Boden was lucky enough to get his first ATW (all-terrain wagon), a
moose suit, one jim-dandy bugling elk, an Auntie Mylea hat, a talking dump truck, magical puppets to make his parents get to work- and a very large assortment of clothes and other spoils.

The action started early- before Christmas day in fact- when the little super genius began tearing into presents ahead of time. But, after holding the kid off, reading the Christmas story early in the morning with the family and graciously allowing his poppa a cup of coffee- it was on. Unfortunately, his great Boppa introduced him to a cup o'joe as well- but we're hoping it won't stunt the little guy's growth. Besides, I'm guessing he'll grow up a coffee snob.

Now we're all back home and waiting to get back started into the regular ole swing of things. Of course- we couldn't get here without a quick stop along the way for a major blow-out of the shorts along the highway... but hey- let's spread a little Christmas cheer at Starbucks- shall we? I told you the boy was a coffee snob.

That is all. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

The Bo-Hawk Expands

Enough Said. Okay, I'll say more. Boden's hair is certainly getting thicker. If it the boy hasn't visited a bath tub in a bit, it actually will start to flop over and look like he's trying one nasty comb-over.

But- But!... on those fine days (every other to be exact), when Mr. B. is straight out of the scrubbing place, this is the final result. Very fine head of hair if you ask me...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moving Along

Steph and I have been thinking that Boden might decide not to crawl. We both know that crawling is a normal part of baby-hood... but Mr. B. really doesn't like his stomach so much. At seven months, he really doesn't show a whole lot of ambition to get up on his hands and knees.

We think that our thoughts might be confirmed with some recent events. It seems that if you'll give him just a little support, Boden would be happy to run around just about every where on his two bowed legs. And just today- he's figured out that if you're not willing to help, he'll just roll on over to whatever it is he wants.

The real genius in all of this is the multi-pivot rolling it takes to get hither and yon. It might take the little fella a few starts and gos to get the right angle on the chewy thing- but by-golly, he'll get there. We spent a good half hour tonight watching the goober steam roll everything in sight. Its a sure sign... he's not messing around with any of this crawling crap.

Carry on.

What's in there?

We happen to believe one of the many indications of Boden's super-geniusness is his shear curiosity for just about everything. And I do mean everything. There's a reason we think he's going to be left handed...

But I digress. The curious little bugger has discovered that anything that looks like a basket must contain toys. And more specifically- toys for Boden. He's figured out that there is a bunch of stuff that must hold all kinds of stuff for him... pockets, bags, the refrigerator, lamp shades- you name it. We've only caught the toy basket on camera, but its funny to watch.

Life should be so good for all of us. By the way- watch out for stuffed otter butts.

Mr. Snotty

One of the quirks that has developed with Boden over the past seven months- is that he has a propensity for colds, ear infections and snotty noses. Of course- this might be the same with any little kiddo... but it sure seems like a lot here. The little guy can positively identify the saline bottle coming to get stuck up his nose- and he's fairly tired of being gagged with antibiotics. But he's getting tougher by the day.

The upside to this all- is that Mr. B. has really started to enjoy the time steaming in the shower and letting the boogies drain out. Unfortunately, the ole camera doesn't work well in the foggy environments. But we thought we'd pass along what we could.

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas, Christmas Time is Near!

Mr. B is getting his share of the holidays this year already. We had full intentions of making him wear a little head band with feathers the other day. But instead- we settled for prune "hand-turkeys" that the grandparents got. So they didn't taste that good- but Stephanie made the best of it.

Also- Boden got to go on his first Christmas Tree ladder fuels reduction trip. My friend let us remove some nasty undergrowth and help protect the forest around his house.
Anyhow, after a little fried turkey at Auntie Lisa and Uncle Dennis' house, Boden is fat and ready for fudge and sugar cookies. I think it'll work out just fine for us here at the Petersburg house. If only we could do something about the 5 degree high for the weather, we'd be in really good shape.

Hope all is well with you guys. Merry Christmas!