Friday, October 30, 2009

Pardon the Indecency!

Mr. B. has graduated from the super-bitty baby tub... all the way up to the inflatable duck! Its true, bath time is big time now...

Boden really likes the bath time- especially if he can somehow avoid the soap and the obligatory lotioning that follows... But momma has the final say-so. Anyhow- pardon the graphic pictures here... He was in the pool!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What to do when you can't make snow-angels?!

We've tried a lot of different things to keep from going stir crazy here. It can be a challenge- especially when the snow piles aren't quite big enough to sled down and the snow is just a little too deep to make snow angels... at least for Boden. Believe me. We tried. It didn't go well.

We've had assorted activities. Some more exciting and successful than others. While always trying to appropriately foster Boden's chances of becoming a multi-milllionaire professional athlete through his undeniable and exceptional athletic ability, we are attempting adequately guide his brilliant and ever-expanding mind.

Of the chosen activities over the last 48 hours,
we've attempted the ole pull the blanket on our head trick, stack all the toys around us and knock them own one by one game, the "do absolutely nothing to my hair and see if they all stand up" grooming technique, and are doing our best to instill a sense of passion and faithfulness to all sports teams Colorado through adequate couch-potatoe time (with the exception of CU of course- that would be stupid). Boden might just make a living as a SportsCenter anchor... I'm not sure- but you should hear his quips during the highlights.

At any rate- we hope that you've had fun in the snow too...

The Gigglefest Continues!

Its amazing what you can think of when piles of snow is coming down (24" at last picnic table count, by the way)

Stephanie has discovered that a fake sneeze makes the boy laugh.  Of course- its hard to time out. Between finding the darn camera, keeping Elway the dog from licking my arm, and trying to keep the little bugger laughing- this is a little unsteady... But its funny!  Hope you like it...

The Laughing Fits

We have discovered that its incredibly difficult to capture Boden's laughing fits.  It generally entails one of us continuing to make a fool of ourselves while the other scrambles around the house looking for the camera, deleting something that's already on the memory card and getting into position so that the little guy doesn't discover he's being filmed.  Once you're caught- its all done.  

But- Grandma Nancy was in last week... and she played the one to look like a silly lady while the rest of the family took care of the madness.  We got just a little of the laughing fit- but not all of it.  So- we hope you enjoy.  Its really pretty contagious...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy belated birthday Great Grandpa!

Pumpkin Patch

Boden got to take a field trip to the pumpkin patch with good pals Wyatt and Atley...we are thinking he might think its more fun next year, but it made for a good photo op. You'll see in one of these photos that although Boden is not eating solids, he was almost willing to chew his way through a pumpkin to get away from Wyatt when we tried to pose them together. Wyatt was pretty chill about the whole thing. Isn't Atley the cutest little pumpkin!

Four Generations

Hi folks-

I thought that I would share a picture with you that has become an instant classic and favorite.  While my grandparents have 
great grandchildren out the wazoo... They've only had two Petersburg great grandchildren- Soren and Boden.  This past fall we were able to load up, fly to Minneapolis, jump in a car and drive down to Iowa to visit great grandma and grandpa.  Of course- Boden's grandma and grandpa Petersburg were also in attendance- and we were able to get a four generation picture of the Petersburg boys.

Of course, great grandma was well into the action as well- they decided little Mr. B. was alright- even if he didn't fully appreciate the corn.  And check this out- there is proof that Boden's momma did phenomenal with the trip- She's a pretty darn good momma.

At any rate- I hope you all enjoy...

Winter has Arrived!

We went super quick from fall to winter this year- who knows- maybe it'll go back.  But we're not holding our breath.  Mr. B. here has been thrown right into this cold stuff.  We thought we'd ease him into it with a trip to the ole pumpkin patch (more on that later)- but it went from corn stalks to snow piles in no time.

Boden's first day to school in stinkin' cold weather was in the 6 degree range- right out of the blue.  We thought it was just a passing thing... you know, half a foot of snow, see your breath, stick the tongue to the flag pole- but here two days later we're in the middle of getting some feet of snow.  Not sure how much yet- but we're at about two feet with a day to go in the storm.

He really didn't mind it at all when we launched him off the deck into a pile of snow.  Stephanie was a little uncomfortable with it- but we sent the dog in right after to fish him out...  Just kidding.  We're only allowed to look and not touch at this point.  But it would be fun.  Maybe next winter.

Anyway- that is all from the home front.  Since we're all stuck inside with the snow (oh yeah, except for the guy shoveling- several times), you're bound to get a few more blog updates in rapid succession.  Stay warm!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So We've Been a Little Slow...

Okay, Okay- we've heard from the peanut gallery that we need to get on it a little bit.  Please forgive us- a lot has been going on in the last month.

Mr. B. is in the throws of teething.  Combine that with a serious slobber-knocking, snot-bubble blowing, huck-a-lugi cold... and the beginnings of an attitude- and it's been a bit of a ride with this little feller.

As of today, Boden is about 5 and a half months.  He's starting to really expand his personality beyond his super genius, chick-magnet capabilities.  He's really a happy little bugger- and he's become fairly infatuated with trying to get everything in sight and in reach- directly into his mouth.  He did have his first roll-over extravaganza on October 1st, went to his fourth wedding of the season (go Bedstafar!) and has become the happiest man at the local daycare.  Mr. B. has also taken his first airplane flight (wooing the flight attendants of course... anything to get bumped up) and took a stroll on the family tractor and golf cart back in Iowa.  AND- he's figured out how to have laughing fits- at least occasionally.  He's been busy.  So much to accomplish.

Anyway- we thought we would throw you out a new video a couple of pictures.  The Bo-Hawk lives on!