Monday, January 18, 2010

What Has Been Going On?

So we have been a bit lax in getting the ole blog updated. I don't know what to say about that. I guess there's some truth to that.

As such, I thought it would be an opportune time to fill you in on all of Boden's most recent favorite things. We find that this kid can change almost daily... and what was once his good homeboy Tariq- has now been relegated to the kid on the outside of the inner circle. Go figure. At any rate- in no particular order...

The taste of his big toes
Not Napping!
Wetting completely through his diaper, PJs and all crib fixin's... every night
Eating the nearest ears
Still coffee Cups
Walking in as random of circles as possible, with the occasional b-line
Not Napping!!
Bouncing swings
Fishing hooking any nearby noses
Tickling the Captain
Not Napping!!!
The use of personal percussion instruments
Putting everything in his mouth but food
Sucking on the penguin's hat
Making a mess of women's hair
Being exceedingly vocal during the most in-opportune moments of church
Peeking around corners- especially at Elway
Sleeping in a ball and balanced on all fours
Snatching glasses off your face

As you can see- Boden has an extremely varied selection of favorite activities... Most of which he'll forget he did minutes prior- so he'll do them again with just as much glee.

The little shaver is about 8 1/2 months old now- and a wee bitty thing at this stage. We whooped and hollered about ten days ago when he jumped passed the 15lb mark- so he is bitty indeed. I think once he starts into jerky, we'll be a-okay. And... if you're looking for the silver lining at this point, we may not have to worry about the childhood obesity epidemic... There is good in everything.

Boden's personality is certainly shaping. If I had to give him a few characteristics... I would certainly call him independent and stubborn. The kid wants to do it himself! I guess it could also be considered "strong-willed," but reserve that term for a bit. He's pretty ingenuitive- he's figured out that if he can't reach the thing he wants on the blanket- he'll just pull the blanket on over. Mr. B. is also incredibly happy the vast majority of the time- really... probably 95% of the time he's ready to smile if so much as look at him. And I have to say- we're leaning back toward thinking Boden will be right-handed... That's his favorite slappin' hand now- whenever he doesn't want something.
So there you have it- just a little glimpse into the life of Mr. B. We'll try to get caught up here... but until then- enjoy.

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