Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paging Uncle Erik - Semi-naked fishing!

Uncle Erik - Are you missing a fishing client? We've found one - a little strange... he prefers to fish in the buff, and has a new technique that involves lots of mouthing, beating with the hands and use of the feet. An Asian fishing technique perhaps? Anyway, he seems to be calling for you and could use some actual fishing lessons - clothing optional of course. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paging Ms. Fejfar... English would be gooder

Stephanie has begun developing Boden's proper use of english and refining his annunciation. Its a work in progress- but I think you see that the little guy had progressed with time. We're still working on rolling his r's and the proper placement of prepositions. But he's getting there.

Additional Homeboys

You've previously met Tariq. Boden and Tariq have remained close. As you can see. We thought it would be important to gain a more well rounded view of Mr. B... So we thought we would introduce you all to his larger circle of friends.

Gerrard is here. He's the pencil neck. His ears are particularly tasty- and when hanging from some sort of jungle-gym, he's by far the easiest leg to grab. In addition, we have monkey-doodle. Not much to say there. He's the one that always hangs around- doesn't say much honestly. But he's in the circle.

Anyway, you can make your own judgements. All we can do is raise the boy and pray for the best. We've been told that you can get a feel for where your kids are at, based on his friends... we'll let you decide.

Just a Cup'o Joe

Some mornings- Stephanie gets to sleep a little extra, so Mr. B. comes out for the early morning newspaper and coffee with his pappi.  We're thinking this might be part of the reason Boden's a little dinky still... either that, or we haven't yet started him on a regular diet of meat.  Whatever the reason, he has totally embraced the opportunity to sit in the chair and have a cup'o joe.  The problem, however, is one of length.  You see- Mr. B. has yet to fit into the chair, so his only choice is to either prop up in somebody's lap, or belly up to the bar, if you will... But he's giving it a go.  And I thing that he would have preferred the Rocky Mountain News to the Denver Post.  If he could read that is.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boden Throwin' Down!

I think we've told you that Boden doesn't particularly care to be filmed... I had to be sneaky for this one- He was giving ole Mortamer a pretty good fight I if you ask me.  If you watch close- there's even a combo head lock-ear bite happening in there.  Mr. B. might be better suited for cage wrestling.

Boden's First Week of School

As many of you know- Mr. B. had his first week of school this last week... Big deal to say the least.  At least for his momma.

We knew he would probably be an instant hit when Gwen, a strapping young 8-9 month old scurried over to the boy at his first entrance and immediately gave him the oogly looks.  There was a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge... but I'm not sure that Boden is into older women at this point.

The little guy is attending classes three days a week- where he will generally learn to slobber on things, mouth the toys and thereby sucking the spit of other children, breaking the hearts of girls at an early age, and pooping his pants successfully and in a regular manner.

I think that we have a picture here of Joan- that's Mr. B's primary care giver.  She was very excited to meet the little guy and was all choked up when she learned about Boden big brother.  So I'm pretty sure that she'll do an excellent job.  Poor Joan didn't really have a chance...  The fiendishly handsome Mr. B. had her smitten at "tthhhbb."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Boden's First Homeboy!

Let us introduce you to Tariq- the turtle (or maybe tortoise, depending on who you talk to).
Boden has taken Tariq in as his first homeboy.  You can see them chillin' on the east side (of the house).  Tariq provides some phat convo, and has a conveniently placed snorkel on his mug for easy chewing.  Boden has successfull
y mouthed nearly every square inch of Tariq... that's what we call hookin'a brother up!

Fo-sho... Fo-schizzle.  

In addition- Boden has made friends with Mortamer the moose... he's from Canada.  Mort doesn't really say much, but he is more of the country friend.  His preference is the deep willow
 bottoms- not so much the corner.  He's a pretty cool guy too- and his antlers taste good.

That is all.  We'll keep you updated as Mr. B. continues to make friends.


Mr. B. appears to be advancing at an alarming rate.  The little critter can mostly stand by himself... okay, he stands up with my big ole paws keeping him from tipping over- but he does have it in him to stand up.  He is sort of rolling over if we tip him just right and there's a strong southern breeze- but its getting better.

At any rate- you can see Boden trying to get the parrot from legs, to hands, to mouth in one of these- and in the other, you can see him clearing conferring with my coherent and easy to understand thoughts and conversation.  We haven't quite gotten to complex discussions with multiple subjects- but give it time.  He's only three months, for crying out loud.

Hope you enjoy- cheerio.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So full....

Boden's appetite seems to have picked up (along with his spitting up) so we are thinking he may be having a growth spurt. This is what he looks like after a giant feeding...anyone seen this look on Ty's face after Thanksgiving?

Guess who dressed me this morning?

I love Daddy and Daddy loves camo!