Monday, March 22, 2010

Things Boden Likes

This is a constant update that we need to make. So we'll start the list:

Anything new... books, forks, electrical cords, etc...


Auntie Mylea's hat, but not the valentines day hat from the day care...Wyatt likes the Valentines day hat- good enough

Pita chips

Club Crackers

The moose suit that daddy got him
Pulling Mommy's hair

Climbing over his parents, or using them as tunnels

Sleep! Craziness... oh how things change

Having Elway lick his feet


Knots in the hard wood floor

His Hair... kind of like Coozin Jason's

Snatching daddy's sun glasses

The list is on-going. But to some it up- Mr. B. likes anything that will provide a scratch for his curiosity itch... Hopefully he doesn't get a rash. But Steph has a cream for that.

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing!

The kid likes music... what can we say?

We get the same effect whether its The Farmer and The Dell, On Top of Old Smokey, or pretty much any Jack Johnson music. He even likes the Uke. I'm pretty sure the boy will like to be on a beach someday...

Road Trip To Mi Amigas...

I'm sure you are all aware of Boden's difficulty with girls. You know- having to decide which one to flirt with next. We recently took a bit of a road trip to Northern Colorado to visit a couple of the potential betrothees.

Uncle Kent and Aunt Kelyn were the first stop. They have a lovely daughter named Atley. She's pushing two years old this summer, likes to eat cheese and is considering potty-training in the near future. Some of her current interests include protecting her toys and loving her baby dolls (excluding the tickle-me-elmo). Atley enjoys long walks on the couch (she can walk) and using words for conversation. She is a bit of an older woman, offering real life experience and a breadth of knowledge in preventing diaper changes. Did I mention that Atley might be a musician? Not sure what genre yet- but she's definitely talented with the air guitar.

Next was a quick trip over to Loveland. Uncle Brian and Aunt Andi have already connected their other daughter Samantha with Soren... I understand they are enjoying the never-ending party to the max.

Brian and Andi have siblings that are married to each other as well, so they thought that perhaps there's some potential with exploring a possible relationship with their other daughter Courtney with Mr. Boden. Courtney is not so into playing hard to get. She chased the boy all over the place. But he does like to know that he's wanted. She was a bit slobbery- but that goes with having teeth, which Boden has yet to learn about. Courtney enjoys short crawls on the floor, rolling her bottles from wall to wall and blowing bubbles. She has a youthful exuberance that is similar to Boden, but does lack the real life experience that Atley brings to the table.

All in all, there are no commitments yet. Playing the field as always, Boden left both women hoping for more. Easter is just around the corner. He'll have a hard time juggling both girls at the same event- and with the competition of having friend Wyatt around. We'll just have to see how it plays out...


Alright, alright... so its been a month. We're just trying to keep up with this kid.

Mr. B. has made plenty of progress in the last month. Steph and I had to go back and do a little remembrin' to figure out what happened... in chronological order of course. We can't get to it all tonight- but we thought we'd get a bit in.

Boden, as you know, is already fairly mobile with his patented army crawl. So- it would seem that he is now exploring alternative methods of movement. Exhibit A: The Pivot. Those of you that are Friends fans may find this particularly entertaining.

The problem is that he can only really go counter-clockwise. We're not sure why... maybe its because he has a left handed preference? Major League Baseball calling? Just trying to ensure our retirement, that's all.

We caught just a few of Mr. B's circles... he probably did this at least a dozen times without stopping. Go figure.

Anyway, we'll get on it. Enjoy...