Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Been a While!

Alright, Alright... its been a bit long since we've updated... a lot can happen in a couple months. Is hunting season a good excuse?

The B. is going a bit nuts currently. He's coming off a pretty good bout with the stomach bug and croup, but he appears to be on the rebound. The last we chatted, he was all about popsicles and Danner the dog. A lot has happened since then- so we'll have to give you the readers' digest update.

Not that he wasn't before- but Boden has become even more increasingly, totally, and unquestionably ALL BOY. Our neighbor gave us a bunch of dirt from a constuction project to build a great big burm in the backyard- and instead, it became the worlds greatest dirt and mud slide- with no prompting whatsoever. The behavior has carried over into a number of different facets of our young son's life- bailing off the couch, racing down the big kids' slide, taking face-first diggers in the dirt road, wrestling elk... I'm serious! Look!So we spent most of the late summer evenings and early fall out on the golf course chasing the elk, bugling at the elk, kicking the elk poo... But it did make for some nice pictures. Boden lives for the outside now- he has for quite a while. The kiddo will wake up in the morning and we'll find him standing in his crib pointing at his coat. I suppose his love of the outdoors and refusal to put on any weight at all are both encouraging signs that we may miss the childhood obesity epidemic! Here's looking at the bright side heh?
Mylea and Todd... and little mini Bayless in the oven (yeah! mini Bayless on the way!) stopped in for a few days of spoiling and all around tom-foolery. They were generally helpful to have around to entertain Boden and allow us to be total slacker-parents. They were also generally helpful in fostering our child's love of music. In addition, they were generally unhelpful at nurturing the bad habits of keep away, throw the ball of yarn in the bathtub and protesting... (just you wait- your time is coming). By way of news- we can expect the Bayless plum-grabber toward the end of February. I can't believe our family is allowing a Texan to be born into the clan!

Boden got to head up to Fort Collins to visit our good friends Brian and Andi... and their little girl Courtney. We're fairly certain that Courtney's sister, Samantha, has the hots for Boden's brother Soren- but that's a whole different story. At least they get to be the best of friends with Jesus. Meanwhile- back here- Boden got to attend his first CSU football game with Courtney, Brian and I. I'll be honest- the ram-pride is a little down right now... even an ole washed-up, has-been might have a shot at playing for football in Hughes Stadium right now. On the upnote- Boden got to share a little bath time with Courtney. It might have been a little exciting for them both- but don't worry, they were fully supervised.

Like any good family from the sticks of Colorado, we had to spend some time in the fall doing hick things... riding ATVs in the backyard, taking a breather on a pile of gourds, dressing up like cowboys... and turkey-indians for that matter. We did our best to have fun with it- And Mr. B's turkey call is coming right along.

Probably the highlight of the fall- and for almost anytime for that matter- was getting to have the boy spend a little time with both Great-Grandpas. Stephanie was able to make it out to the Grand Valley while I was real busy to spend some time with Grandpa Jack... or Boppa- and we all made it out to Iowa to visit Grandpa Bud. We can never get enough of those opportunities...

That's about all we got for now. I wish I could show you a little more now- but its time for daddy to go to bed.

Merry Christmas everybody- please enjoy it and slow down just a little. Love you all.

CHRISTMAS TIME! This is from the Christmas Program at Boden's Day Care last week. You'll notice his fine musical accumen with the jingle bells (the only elf that can even do it) and his situational awareness to both join in with the standing ovation and curtain call. Let's be honest though- he's not so good at staying in place once he picked momma out of the crowd.

THE FLIRT IS ON! Here is a quick one of Boden learning the fine art of making a woman melt. You can see this particular winking skill is still a work in progress- but if winking with one eye is good- wouldn't winking with both eyes be better? Just think about it.

A SHORT INTERVIEW: The boy is getting increasingly verbal- and he's starting to form short sentences that maybe only mom, dad and the stuffed animals can decipher. Of course he quieted down a bit once the camera came on- but the opinions and preferences (particularly for momma's or daddy's food and drink) are becoming quite apparent.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Boden and Danner

We knew that Boden loved Elway. We knew he loved dogs...but boy o boy does he like puppies! Although in some of these pictures, it looks a little more like a tackle, those are definitely hugs. Its pretty cute...but to those loving grandparents out there - no, we don't need a rambunctious all-boy toddler is plenty. But feel free to bring any puppies by for a visit and noogie.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Oh Goodness... Did we hit on a good one here. Mr. B. went absolutely crazy for his first popsicle on the back porch. So did Elway the dog. So did momma... after Elway the dog. Then Elway the dog, then Boden, then Elway the dog, Daddy, back to Boden and so-forth. It was nothing short of yummy and delicious.

This was absolutely hilarious... and yes, there is a moonwalk in here. You'll notice the conspicuous absence of a white, Michael Jackson glove. You can like the music, you just don't have to live it.

Hope you laugh as hard as we did. Cheerio.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

He's got the Jive

I'm not particularly sure that you can say that one who listens to bluegrass has... jive. But if there is an exception to the rule, we may have found it. While he doesn't particularly discriminate, Boden certainly has a bit of an affinity for the banjo and mandolin...

Its a funny thing- B. will just break out in new dance moves, then forget about it entirely, only to pick right back up where he started. You'll see there's the rump shake, the head bob, cool guy arm swing, foot tap, and leg twitch, all at different junctures through this little snippet.

This is fairly classic Boden. nonchalantly removing all things from toy box and stopping to wave at the neighbors, when suddenly, the music grips him and he has no other option but to let it out! you just gotta go with it- life is short.

This is a bit lengthy, but well worth the time. I hope you enjoy it...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Quickly to a Little Boy

Life in the last two months with Boden has been an incredibly fast transition. I suppose that's how it works with wee-bitty ankle biters. But it does seem to be increasing at a break-neck pace. The boy has been on his feet and running around now for almost two months- he just hit 15 months this week. He's no longer toddling around- he's at an all out sprint when he has the room. We've been out back doing a few gassers- football season is starting, so we may as well have him in shape.

Perhaps the most concerning turn in all of this, is the social development and skills that have become so readily apparent. For example- Take a peak at this picture with Tia Korona (AKA the sister-in-law). My Steph had just taught Boden how to kiss. Wouldn't you know it- the first young, pretty lady that walks through the door (other than momma, of course), the boy gets ahold of either side of her face, pulls her in, and plants a big'ole wet one on the girl. If you look closely- you can even see that Korona's trying to pull the kid away by the back of his shirt- But Mr. B. would rather have a long, drawn out and lingering smacker... I did not teach him this. Good instincts though. We just need to work on social appropriateness- she was just a couple weeks from marrying another man!

Speaking of which- Uncle Erik and Tia Korona just got hitched (and all the people said hurray). A great deal of thought, concern and preparation went into this for Boden. While he didn't have a direct role in the official proceedings- he did fight the happy couple for the spotlight during the festivities. I'm not sure how often we caught him flirting with the bridesmaids- but figuring that one of them was his momma, we let it slide.

However- we decided it was time to start figuring out the hair on this kid. If we had a good picture of the back of his melon, you'd see three consecutive cowlicks, that reverse in the direction with each swirl... counter clockwise, clockwise, counter clockwise. This is going to take some effort. I tried to comb the kids hair down in a respectable manner. But its fairly obvious that he's not the buttoned-down type. So- we went with it. Hawaiian shirts and floppy hair... I'm not making this up. You remember the Bo-hawk... now it has all the more glory. This is about all we can do.

Alright- so its a bit redneck...I guess you are what you are. We had a daddy-son day while Steph was at a conference... so what to do? Go to Bass Pro Shop of course. I had to find the kid a decent hat to start training the growing Boden-mullet... or the Bollet as I think we'll call it. This was the best I could do. Steph told me later that it was a little over the top taking the kid in a white shirt with cut-off sleeves- but I can honestly say it was an accident! At least it had some hawaiian print on the front. The best part of Bass Pro? I'm fairly certain the boy would say it was all the critters that he got to growl at. I'm guessing he thinks that not only do bears and wolves growl... but so do elk, zebras, bison, beavers, ducks, you name it.

More to come later... it just takes a bit longer to get some video up- but it's on its way. Until then... enjoy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Beginning of Trouble

Boden's School is teaching him a great many things. One of the very important skills in life is to know how to push junk around. There always seems to be a need to push things from one place to another- One never knows when company is coming over unexpectedly and you'll have to shove all your miscellaneous items under the couch!

So- he's been practicing this new found skill in all sorts of manners. The latest caught on film is the kitchen chair. This was all fine and dandy until Steph and I had the light bulb come on that this is the first step to getting into more trouble. The next thing we'll find is Boden sneaking onto the counter for more cookies... after that- who knows. He's also been utilizing the tub of butter, wicker baskets, the ottoman and the like.

On the plus side, we've discovered some new techniques for training to compete in the STRONG BABY CHALLENGE that's coming to town soon. You can see that Steph jumped a little ahead of the game by placing her full one hundred pounds on the chair... I think we need to train in a little more incremental manner... low sets, high reps; pyramids; etc.- but that will have to be a decision we come to over a glass of wine. I'm not sure we should rush the kid along that fast- its just too hard on his joints at this age. He's got a good naturally wide and powerful base though- don't you think?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catching You Up Some...

Our deepest apologies once again for our incredible slackerdom. Instead of groveling, we'll just get you the update on this kid.

Boden's means for engaging people are becoming more creative and demanding- perhaps we should ignore him a little more- about a month ago, the feller decided to stick each of his thumbs in my nose, and proceeded to make shadow figures on my face. It just seems a bit extreme.

The kid is eating like a champ now- too much on some days. He's been ralphing up the last couple nights when he hit the tipping point. I guess this is better than not eating at all. It has even gotten to the point where Mr. B. is trying to feed himself- he still has the difficulty of figuring out which end of the spoon goes in the mouth- and sometimes he has a hard time knowing where his mouth is... but at least it keeps life a little interesting.

Boden's now been to the zoo three times. The growling that began with his stuffed animals has extended to all things critter at the zoo... giraffes, elephants, bears, penguins... But at home, not only does he growl at all of his stuff animals, he also wrestles them down to the ground, gives them the ole flying elbow, then tries bite their noses off. (His momma would like to insert that he also gives a mean snuggle)

And the walking... oh, the walking. Boden took his first steps about three or four weeks ago now. He's completely on the run now (more on that in a later blog). There is no stopping the boy at this point. We can only hope to contain him. Away from the toilet. Away from the stairs.

In addition, the boy has become ever-so-gregarious... Steph took him to the grocery store the other day and couldn't get out of pasta aisle because the boy kept saying "Hi!" to anyone that would pass by. We caught him telling jokes and carrying on with the kids at school today- if only we could understand him. It'll come I suppose.

That's all for now. Cheerio.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Things are a'happenin!

Admittedly- I have become somewhat of a slacker. Life has suddenly gotten very hectic... and like most very hectic times, I'm mostly too busy to even know what is making it so hectic. But that's just part of living I suppose. During all of this, Mr. B. has started doing and discovering new things at an incredibly rapid pace. And- I might add- his meteoric rise to stardom has begun.
As you can see- this kid is looking a lot more like a little boy everyday. It both exciting and a little sad. He's officially grown out of his infant seat- so we've bought one of those bigger honker seats and we need to get a second one.

The boy has started to realize that he's to dad-gum cute for his own good- There's a bit of manipulation and working the momma as you can see. Even when she's wearing his viking hats, he still know how to push the buttons.

It took the boy eleven
months to start sprouting tooth number one. Now we're working on number four at 13 months, so chewing has taken on a whole different meaning. This is good for the actual food department (still digging cheese by the way- especially mac & cheese), bad for mommy's shoulder.

Words are coming slowly but surely. He still can't pronounce eocinophilic esophogitis. The 6th syllable keeps tripping him up. But we're working on it daily.

Life experiences are starting to come a bit more rapid as well. We're selfishly holding the kid back from taking on acrobatics and gymnastics- we can't quite stomach the head diggers off the couch. But we are eating outside most often, turning around backwards to go do the stairs and trying to chase Elway around the house.

Boden recently went to the zoo with his cousins Addison and Quinn. He's fairly certain that the peacocks were the best- although I kind of think it was the polar bears in reality- they just didn't get as close.

This boy went to Rangely to visit Grandma and Grandpa Petersburg and realized that he's not sure what to think of town grass. Mountain grass is a little mores sparse- and you're usually having to avoid the ole elk doodie. In town you can actually get down and crawl around on the stuff... crazy. I tried to put some video on- but didn't work. Just imagine a cat with a sticky not on its foot and you'll get the picture. Grandma also put him up to the piano for a little sweet music. That'll need some work.

Dinner has become the nightly adventure. Boden has decided that he really likes to put things in jars and try to cap the buggers. We're now dipping pears, chicken, tacos, green beans, cheese... you name it- in sweet potatoes, green beans pears chicken (blended up, no doubt), blue berries... you name it. He's slowly learning to use a spoon too. The problem is remembering which end to stick in the mouth and which end to stick in the jar. Its all so confusing.

Perhaps the cutest thing (according to Mr. B's momma) is that Boden is all about sharing the love right now. Most of the time, he's doing it in an appropriate manner. "Snuggle Puppy" has become his favorite buddy- supplanting Tariq from the early years. This- is appropriate. Boden also likes to share the love in a more... exhibitionist way. We cannot keep the kid from standing up naked in his window. Thankfully the neighbors don't seem to mind. But we're worried about flashing the wrong people on the golf course. This- maybe not so appropriate. We'll let you decide.

Hopefully all this will work. I've been trying to provide you with all kinds of video here- but we're having the infamous "technical difficulties." If it doesn't, I'll try to do it for you again a little later... Cheerio. Happy June to you.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Its Birthday Season!

Mr. B. is now officially one year old. We're a little slow getting up his birthday goods, but better late than never.

At one- the little fella was a hair under 18lbs. So we're making progress in the weight department. Suddenly, and I do mean suddenly, Boden has become somewhat ravenous with the appetite. He's still keenly shunning his vegetables, with the exception of butter-laden carrots... But his pappy is not much for salad either. What boy in their right mind would be any different.
This kid certainly got
spoiled. The party made him think that he's the center of the universe. Momma is trying to instill a good sense of our Scandinavian heritage... Viking hats for all! Viking hats for cake! Viking hats for dogs! Viking hats for cupcakes! Yep, those are chocolate covered frozen bananas. And a frozen cadbury egg for the top (that was my part).

In addition, we had to stick to our western Colorado and Iowa roots, so the kid got outfitted with his first set of cowboy boots and John Deere schwag. Now he's riding a deere... on the back porch. So long as mom or dad are
pushing him.

Pretty good all in all. I think we've endured a relatively smooth first year on the job with this ankle biter without any major failures or catastrophes.
Other important discoveries and items of endearment from the birthday season... Tunnels- both expandable and engineered, sand boxes with age appropriate
toys, tents/forts/things to crawl under, all objects that can fit inside an oral cavity- and preferably items that can be shared with the nearest available adult whose willing to put the sloppy item in their own mouth.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dennis got little Mr. B. a swing way back for Christmas. The problem with swings in the place we live is all the darn snow... But its starting (ever so slowly) to go away. Never mind that we got about six inches earlier this week.

Now we have the thing up (Thanks Coozin Jason!)- its been up for a few weeks and we've maybe been able to use it about half the time. Boden so loves to go out, spend a little time in the swing and go look at trees, that he's learned what his jacket means and will get just a bit giddy at the sight of it. The boy lives by one simple premise when he's in the swing... The higher, the better.
To top it off- Bestafar (Lars) and Barb got this kid a turtle sandbox for the deck. Not quite like a trip to Bora Bora... but Boden really likes it.
So, the boy is starting to fall in love with the back yard. I think he'd spend all day out there if he could. We might let him if we could keep the kid from eating elk poop. However- somehow, "Boden, don't eat the elk poop" gets lost in translation from us to him. But he still spends a whole lot of time out back.