Friday, July 16, 2010

The Beginning of Trouble

Boden's School is teaching him a great many things. One of the very important skills in life is to know how to push junk around. There always seems to be a need to push things from one place to another- One never knows when company is coming over unexpectedly and you'll have to shove all your miscellaneous items under the couch!

So- he's been practicing this new found skill in all sorts of manners. The latest caught on film is the kitchen chair. This was all fine and dandy until Steph and I had the light bulb come on that this is the first step to getting into more trouble. The next thing we'll find is Boden sneaking onto the counter for more cookies... after that- who knows. He's also been utilizing the tub of butter, wicker baskets, the ottoman and the like.

On the plus side, we've discovered some new techniques for training to compete in the STRONG BABY CHALLENGE that's coming to town soon. You can see that Steph jumped a little ahead of the game by placing her full one hundred pounds on the chair... I think we need to train in a little more incremental manner... low sets, high reps; pyramids; etc.- but that will have to be a decision we come to over a glass of wine. I'm not sure we should rush the kid along that fast- its just too hard on his joints at this age. He's got a good naturally wide and powerful base though- don't you think?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catching You Up Some...

Our deepest apologies once again for our incredible slackerdom. Instead of groveling, we'll just get you the update on this kid.

Boden's means for engaging people are becoming more creative and demanding- perhaps we should ignore him a little more- about a month ago, the feller decided to stick each of his thumbs in my nose, and proceeded to make shadow figures on my face. It just seems a bit extreme.

The kid is eating like a champ now- too much on some days. He's been ralphing up the last couple nights when he hit the tipping point. I guess this is better than not eating at all. It has even gotten to the point where Mr. B. is trying to feed himself- he still has the difficulty of figuring out which end of the spoon goes in the mouth- and sometimes he has a hard time knowing where his mouth is... but at least it keeps life a little interesting.

Boden's now been to the zoo three times. The growling that began with his stuffed animals has extended to all things critter at the zoo... giraffes, elephants, bears, penguins... But at home, not only does he growl at all of his stuff animals, he also wrestles them down to the ground, gives them the ole flying elbow, then tries bite their noses off. (His momma would like to insert that he also gives a mean snuggle)

And the walking... oh, the walking. Boden took his first steps about three or four weeks ago now. He's completely on the run now (more on that in a later blog). There is no stopping the boy at this point. We can only hope to contain him. Away from the toilet. Away from the stairs.

In addition, the boy has become ever-so-gregarious... Steph took him to the grocery store the other day and couldn't get out of pasta aisle because the boy kept saying "Hi!" to anyone that would pass by. We caught him telling jokes and carrying on with the kids at school today- if only we could understand him. It'll come I suppose.

That's all for now. Cheerio.