Friday, February 19, 2010

Lefty or Righty... you tell us

We've long had the dilemma about which hand this boy will throw with... We've leaned both ways. But recently, we caught a bit on video that might just help us decide. What do you think?

Monday, February 8, 2010

From Boden

Boden likes to type... so we thought we'd give him the chance to share his thoughts with you...

9k hhyhy vvvv B JK I

That's all he had to say now. He's brain storming...

Oh the things to do

I never fully anticipated the whole-house playground that the Petersburg house would become. The positive thing in this for the boy is that there's always something, or several things, for him to play with. The negative thing for ma and pa is that they are always having to pick up... I'm anticipating that this will not improve any time soon.

I'm hoping that this is not a sign of ADHD or anything. I think its just about early exploration. It has become common place with the rolling, inch-worm, army crawl that is happening all over the house now...

The Boy and the Dog

Several people have asked just how Elway has done with this new addition to the house. I can't blame them- she has been an only dog for quite some time now. Not that we added another dog. We added a boy. And we're not calling him a dog... but he is competition.

I can tell you that Elway lives to go to work with me- even more now than she used to. I think she is a little bit put out that she doesn't entirely rule the roost anymore. She does like Boden though- I think he's a pretty big curiosity for her. Elway had been spending more time in the living room hanging out with the rest of us instead of sleeping the hours away on her pillow.

Of course- the actual motivation behind all of this gregarious behavior might be rooted more in the hope of getting tidbits of goodies from the boy. She's not altruistic- I think that's a fact. Elway is generally trying to sneak a lick off of Boden's face. Steph and I's theory is that she's either hoping for leftovers- or she's attracted to the salty goodness that's usually crusted on Boden's upper lip. Who knows. If she could only talk.

Most often, when we leave the two of them alone in the living room- this is usually what happens. Boden always tries to crawl over to Elway for a pet. Elway always tries to crawl over to Boden for a lick. They might be a match made in heaven...

It's Good to be a Boy!

One thing that we have discovered with this whole process with Boden- is that he is certainly ALL- and totally innately- boy. I took a daddy/son trip to Bass Pro Shop today- and all he wanted to do is check out the fish and dead things. I had to stop the boy from spitting on people from the second story balcony... so we are reigning him in a bit.

He also has taken to making mouth-fart noises on the side of his ducky bathtub. I'm not sure where he got it- I swear I didn't show him how to do it. Combine that with Boden's total lack of ability to realize all things he runs into (you know, fireplaces, chairs, dog...) on his way to fun and entertainment- and there is no mistaking him for a boy.

With Boden's new found mobility- the world is opening up around him. On a day home with momma last week- Boden discovered the wonders of fort making... It really didn't take all that much- a couple pillows, a blanket, some things to shake around- and voila! One boy fort-

We're also in the beginnings of making new toys. You know the like- wooden spoons, pasta in a tupperware dish, cords that are attached to things that fall on one's head. You name it. Its making Steph and I both have to be on our toes a little bit more- but its exciting!

Hope you enjoy the boy a little... carry on.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Army Crawlin'!

Steph and I have held the long standing belief that this child will not crawl. It seems that we've been mistaken- sort of. In the last four days, all of that has changed immensely.

There's not a lot to add... I'll include several videos showing the progression. If we could all only learn to move this fast.

Baby-Proofing... here we come!

Curiosity is an amazing thing. It's also an amazing motivator we've discovered. The plane of vision for this child has expanded from the six inch tunnel. Boden is now starting to look up, down, under, around, inside... I'm a little worried about all the places his hands have already been.

As an example of the looming endeavor of baby-proofing, I thought it would be prudent to include a string of pictures we recently took. You can see the initial interest, the realization that daddy said no, acknowledgement, disregard, and finally, the continuation of the naughtiness. I guess it starts at a young age.

Things are moving up in the world... about six inches at a time now.

Eskimo Kisses

We've been saving up for a while.... you'll see.

One of the latest developments is that Boden has been figuring out how to give eskimo kisses and how to make out with things other than mommy's chin. We caught him making out with the elephant on his bouncer the other day. Seriously. I'm not even kidding.

What might be the most disturbing thing though, is that he seems to be after the guy in the mirror... take note of the fog and slobber on that thing. Sheesh.

The New Faces of Boden

Things are changing RAPIDLY here. Mr. B.'s independent streak is really taking form... as well as wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Whether its being happy (which is most of the time), super intense, constipated, inquisitive... or down right mad- there's no mistaking where you might stand with him at any given moment.

I guess some would call it... refreshing. Whatever the title, it makes for good photography. Boden has gone from being fairly shy with the camera, to going all celebrity with the camera- he keeps trying to grab the darn thing and smash it into the ground. Go figure.

We're thinking he's starting to beef up a bit. You tell us. He'll be nine months in just a few days- and I can tell you that some of his 9 months stuff is starting to get filled out. But then again- he's still wearing some of the 3-6 month stuff too. Who really knows.

Hope you enjoy the ankle-biter. I think you can get a bit of personality out of these...