Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Uhmm... Sorry- Its March Now

Well- I can give you a litany of excuses- but instead, I'll just do what you came here for and show da'boy (That's Boden's multi-cultural name)

As you may or may not know- Its been a couple of months of holding our breath and waiting for news for many of our friends and family. New to the crew in the last six weeks are Carter Jacob and Corrina Marie. Mr. Carter decided to make a dramatic entrance into the world for Jake and Whitney- and Miss Corrina decided she'd rather stay warm and not brave the world. Carter (friend) and Corrina (cousin) were supposed to arrive at about the same time, but do to their individual birthing perogatives- there ended up being five or six weeks between them... All things are good though- and Mr. B. gets to go visit his new cousin next week...

Boden is approaching 2 now... he's about 5 or 6 weeks away I suppose. His little personality is starting to be very clear- and I suppose some of this is just developmental. But he is becoming very strongly opinionated about his clothes for the day- and he's also going through little obsessions... case in point. I'm not sure if you can figure out the theme of these pictures- all taken within about a week of each other...

The boy is certainly going to be a country bumpkin. At least that's what it seems. That or a rock star- but we'll just see. Its been next to impossible to keep him inside- it may just be spring fever- but it doesn't seem to matter what time of day it is or how cold it is outside. About the only thing that's held him back is when he's sick- and even then, he'd usually rather spend a few hours in the backyard if possible. B. is all about critters right now- unfortunately for the neighbors, we've been out in our PJs looking at elk at 6:15 in the morning- simply because we must.

Boden is now starting to be a chatter-box as well. Mom and dad are going to have to start watching their mouths I'm afraid... in the last couple weeks, Boden has boldly declared that there are "no dump" (in his pants, that is), that "I'm cute," that he's had "good burps" and other related and inappropriate verbage. He's also discovered that he and I are "both men" and that he'd like "momma, outside, now." I'm not quite sure who to blame for this- but its likely Elway.

Currently, he's been in a bit of a momma's boy stage. Okay- not a bit... a whole lot. Momma is just about the only thing in the universe. If he
could, he'd be strapped to her. But on a rare occasion, we do have some fella time... like trying to point out the moon while we're laying in the backyard. I'm thinking that we just need a few more trips to bass pro or something.

At any rate- that's about it for now. Summer is coming- so I'm sure we'll have more