Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Feel Like a Big Stuffed Sausage

"I have big feet... these stripes make me look fat... I feel like a big stuffed sausage. Who Dressed Me! Daddy!... Daddy!"

Mommy and Daddy

Believe it or not- little Mr. B. has some parents. With the exception of Steve and Donna (and that might even be a stretch), not too many people care to look at the scruffy, fat kid. But I know there are plenty that like to see the cute, semi-blond momma with her new son- so I figured we probably ought to put a few pictures of the two of them up.

Boden successfully conquered his first night in a crib recently. Like any typical man- I really was oblivious. Stephanie, however, was the trooper through it all. The little bugger is changing daily, so its good that he's ready to move on up in the world- to a place where he has all kinds of room to spit up half digested breast milk. Its a good life...

I have discovered my tongue

thbbbb.... blurb, blurb, blurb....thbbb-hmmm, thbbbb. huh? Brrrrr, thhhbbbb. COOOO! Ah-goo, thhhbbb.... (that's all he has to say about that.)

Monday, July 27, 2009


We needed to get Soren on here too. He is never far from our thoughts, and we constantly see his reflection in his little brother. As a starting point, I thought I might throw in just a few pictures so you all can see just how much Soren and Boden look alike. We love our boys, and miss Soren so terribly. But it is truely a blessing to have Mr. B. to help us along and to pour our lives into...

Boden the Vocal

One the thing that we have discovered is that Mr. B. might just end up being a social butterfly. He's pretty darn vocal for being such a little fella. The doctor has commented on it- and when folks come over an hold him, he'll usually talk to them a bit too. He was pretty quiet this morning- but we were able to get a little bit on camera- certainly not his most chatty, but you can get the idea.

One other thing that we have discovered... Mr. B. appears to be awfully intrigued by the camera. He'll be carrying on... until he realizes that he being filmed- then he stops and stares at the darn thing in some sort of stupor. I'm not sure what that means... I'll let you decide. Anyhow- I hope you enjoy the little guy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Ladies' Man

Atley... Courtney... Kaylie... Ava...Callie Grace... Natalie... all other ladies near and far- Watch out! 

Dubya-Dub (aka "Wee-Be) and Gavin- you got your work cut out for you to keep up with this ladies' man!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Put Up Your Dukes...

Might have a boxer on our hands... enough said- just watch.

The BO-Hawk

By popular demand- we have decided to include a set of pictures featuring the Bo-Hawk...  It has been this way since the day Mr. B. was born.  I'm not sure if he's taking after his daddy-o or his "bestafar" (grandpa in Norwegian- for those that don't know).  Enjoy...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Raw Charisma and Open Flirtation

Not much to say hear- other than we have realized that Boden might be a handful with the ladies... We know that he already has Stephanie all wrapped up in his world of manipulation- but you put him in the arms of a pretty girl- and nothing but trouble... The boy was coy, he was flirting, and quite frankly, wouldn't take no for an answer... Auntie Brook thought she could resist- but maybe not so much...

Mr. B. Meets the Austin Crowd

Hi folks-

Auntie Mylea and Uncle Todd made their way up from Austin here recently... It seems that the little guy has been able to draw the crowd in from far and wide.

What we discovered is that Boden has taken a liking to his Uncle's music- even if he says he's never played a Ukulele. What we found out is that Todd has the knack for taking the little feller out on the deck and putting him so sleep with a little strumming- and maybe if it isn't sleep, at least he's not spitting on us instead.

And for Mylea? I think she got him started on spicey food and being distracted with nearly everything- I think its the enthusiasm for life concept that she was trying to convey. Mylea was trying to get Steph to eat some jalepenos, a few chile rellenos and anything else that might cause the rest of us flaming mouths and indigestion- just to see what the ankle-biter might be in to. Stephanie declined the best I could tell.

You might notice Boden's hat... that's a Mylea special- I pretty sure he likes it- and its functional... I think it'll last till he's at least 2. I'm pretty sure he's practical.

At any rate- I think that Mr. B. certainly enjoyed the doting- And I think that Mylea and Todd were okay with it too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogging For Boden's Sake

So- We have discovered that we are not too good at making sure that we keep EVERYBODY in the loop with Mr. Boden... Steph and I are always forgetting who to send emails to, who we've told the latest stories to, who we sent pictures to... you get the idea-

As such... Steph and I are going to try and keep you up to date with the miracle of modern technology! Ta-da! We hope you enjoy. Here's a little snippet of our latest edition- and as we get this blog thing figured out, we'll add in some Soren pictures, and all the latest from the Petersburg House here in Colorado...