Monday, February 8, 2010

The Boy and the Dog

Several people have asked just how Elway has done with this new addition to the house. I can't blame them- she has been an only dog for quite some time now. Not that we added another dog. We added a boy. And we're not calling him a dog... but he is competition.

I can tell you that Elway lives to go to work with me- even more now than she used to. I think she is a little bit put out that she doesn't entirely rule the roost anymore. She does like Boden though- I think he's a pretty big curiosity for her. Elway had been spending more time in the living room hanging out with the rest of us instead of sleeping the hours away on her pillow.

Of course- the actual motivation behind all of this gregarious behavior might be rooted more in the hope of getting tidbits of goodies from the boy. She's not altruistic- I think that's a fact. Elway is generally trying to sneak a lick off of Boden's face. Steph and I's theory is that she's either hoping for leftovers- or she's attracted to the salty goodness that's usually crusted on Boden's upper lip. Who knows. If she could only talk.

Most often, when we leave the two of them alone in the living room- this is usually what happens. Boden always tries to crawl over to Elway for a pet. Elway always tries to crawl over to Boden for a lick. They might be a match made in heaven...

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