Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Been a While!

Alright, Alright... its been a bit long since we've updated... a lot can happen in a couple months. Is hunting season a good excuse?

The B. is going a bit nuts currently. He's coming off a pretty good bout with the stomach bug and croup, but he appears to be on the rebound. The last we chatted, he was all about popsicles and Danner the dog. A lot has happened since then- so we'll have to give you the readers' digest update.

Not that he wasn't before- but Boden has become even more increasingly, totally, and unquestionably ALL BOY. Our neighbor gave us a bunch of dirt from a constuction project to build a great big burm in the backyard- and instead, it became the worlds greatest dirt and mud slide- with no prompting whatsoever. The behavior has carried over into a number of different facets of our young son's life- bailing off the couch, racing down the big kids' slide, taking face-first diggers in the dirt road, wrestling elk... I'm serious! Look!So we spent most of the late summer evenings and early fall out on the golf course chasing the elk, bugling at the elk, kicking the elk poo... But it did make for some nice pictures. Boden lives for the outside now- he has for quite a while. The kiddo will wake up in the morning and we'll find him standing in his crib pointing at his coat. I suppose his love of the outdoors and refusal to put on any weight at all are both encouraging signs that we may miss the childhood obesity epidemic! Here's looking at the bright side heh?
Mylea and Todd... and little mini Bayless in the oven (yeah! mini Bayless on the way!) stopped in for a few days of spoiling and all around tom-foolery. They were generally helpful to have around to entertain Boden and allow us to be total slacker-parents. They were also generally helpful in fostering our child's love of music. In addition, they were generally unhelpful at nurturing the bad habits of keep away, throw the ball of yarn in the bathtub and protesting... (just you wait- your time is coming). By way of news- we can expect the Bayless plum-grabber toward the end of February. I can't believe our family is allowing a Texan to be born into the clan!

Boden got to head up to Fort Collins to visit our good friends Brian and Andi... and their little girl Courtney. We're fairly certain that Courtney's sister, Samantha, has the hots for Boden's brother Soren- but that's a whole different story. At least they get to be the best of friends with Jesus. Meanwhile- back here- Boden got to attend his first CSU football game with Courtney, Brian and I. I'll be honest- the ram-pride is a little down right now... even an ole washed-up, has-been might have a shot at playing for football in Hughes Stadium right now. On the upnote- Boden got to share a little bath time with Courtney. It might have been a little exciting for them both- but don't worry, they were fully supervised.

Like any good family from the sticks of Colorado, we had to spend some time in the fall doing hick things... riding ATVs in the backyard, taking a breather on a pile of gourds, dressing up like cowboys... and turkey-indians for that matter. We did our best to have fun with it- And Mr. B's turkey call is coming right along.

Probably the highlight of the fall- and for almost anytime for that matter- was getting to have the boy spend a little time with both Great-Grandpas. Stephanie was able to make it out to the Grand Valley while I was real busy to spend some time with Grandpa Jack... or Boppa- and we all made it out to Iowa to visit Grandpa Bud. We can never get enough of those opportunities...

That's about all we got for now. I wish I could show you a little more now- but its time for daddy to go to bed.

Merry Christmas everybody- please enjoy it and slow down just a little. Love you all.

CHRISTMAS TIME! This is from the Christmas Program at Boden's Day Care last week. You'll notice his fine musical accumen with the jingle bells (the only elf that can even do it) and his situational awareness to both join in with the standing ovation and curtain call. Let's be honest though- he's not so good at staying in place once he picked momma out of the crowd.

THE FLIRT IS ON! Here is a quick one of Boden learning the fine art of making a woman melt. You can see this particular winking skill is still a work in progress- but if winking with one eye is good- wouldn't winking with both eyes be better? Just think about it.

A SHORT INTERVIEW: The boy is getting increasingly verbal- and he's starting to form short sentences that maybe only mom, dad and the stuffed animals can decipher. Of course he quieted down a bit once the camera came on- but the opinions and preferences (particularly for momma's or daddy's food and drink) are becoming quite apparent.