Thursday, October 22, 2009

So We've Been a Little Slow...

Okay, Okay- we've heard from the peanut gallery that we need to get on it a little bit.  Please forgive us- a lot has been going on in the last month.

Mr. B. is in the throws of teething.  Combine that with a serious slobber-knocking, snot-bubble blowing, huck-a-lugi cold... and the beginnings of an attitude- and it's been a bit of a ride with this little feller.

As of today, Boden is about 5 and a half months.  He's starting to really expand his personality beyond his super genius, chick-magnet capabilities.  He's really a happy little bugger- and he's become fairly infatuated with trying to get everything in sight and in reach- directly into his mouth.  He did have his first roll-over extravaganza on October 1st, went to his fourth wedding of the season (go Bedstafar!) and has become the happiest man at the local daycare.  Mr. B. has also taken his first airplane flight (wooing the flight attendants of course... anything to get bumped up) and took a stroll on the family tractor and golf cart back in Iowa.  AND- he's figured out how to have laughing fits- at least occasionally.  He's been busy.  So much to accomplish.

Anyway- we thought we would throw you out a new video a couple of pictures.  The Bo-Hawk lives on!

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  1. Ahhhh. Life is complete again. Thanks for some new pics. What a cute little booger! I may weep if you ever decide to cut the "bo-hawk." So I was starting to think his little pucker was a Steph thing, but based on the pic above where Boden's in the stripes and Ty is just barely in the picture, he may have gotten it from daddy. You'll have to do some impersonations soon so I can decide for sure.