Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winter has Arrived!

We went super quick from fall to winter this year- who knows- maybe it'll go back.  But we're not holding our breath.  Mr. B. here has been thrown right into this cold stuff.  We thought we'd ease him into it with a trip to the ole pumpkin patch (more on that later)- but it went from corn stalks to snow piles in no time.

Boden's first day to school in stinkin' cold weather was in the 6 degree range- right out of the blue.  We thought it was just a passing thing... you know, half a foot of snow, see your breath, stick the tongue to the flag pole- but here two days later we're in the middle of getting some feet of snow.  Not sure how much yet- but we're at about two feet with a day to go in the storm.

He really didn't mind it at all when we launched him off the deck into a pile of snow.  Stephanie was a little uncomfortable with it- but we sent the dog in right after to fish him out...  Just kidding.  We're only allowed to look and not touch at this point.  But it would be fun.  Maybe next winter.

Anyway- that is all from the home front.  Since we're all stuck inside with the snow (oh yeah, except for the guy shoveling- several times), you're bound to get a few more blog updates in rapid succession.  Stay warm!

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