Thursday, October 29, 2009

What to do when you can't make snow-angels?!

We've tried a lot of different things to keep from going stir crazy here. It can be a challenge- especially when the snow piles aren't quite big enough to sled down and the snow is just a little too deep to make snow angels... at least for Boden. Believe me. We tried. It didn't go well.

We've had assorted activities. Some more exciting and successful than others. While always trying to appropriately foster Boden's chances of becoming a multi-milllionaire professional athlete through his undeniable and exceptional athletic ability, we are attempting adequately guide his brilliant and ever-expanding mind.

Of the chosen activities over the last 48 hours,
we've attempted the ole pull the blanket on our head trick, stack all the toys around us and knock them own one by one game, the "do absolutely nothing to my hair and see if they all stand up" grooming technique, and are doing our best to instill a sense of passion and faithfulness to all sports teams Colorado through adequate couch-potatoe time (with the exception of CU of course- that would be stupid). Boden might just make a living as a SportsCenter anchor... I'm not sure- but you should hear his quips during the highlights.

At any rate- we hope that you've had fun in the snow too...

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  1. My goodness can that boy get any cuter?! I'm worried his adorable hair is going to fall out. I must have a tendency towards baldness... Thanks for sharing. Made my snow days that much more enjoyable:) His smiles and giggles are priceless.