Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Four Generations

Hi folks-

I thought that I would share a picture with you that has become an instant classic and favorite.  While my grandparents have 
great grandchildren out the wazoo... They've only had two Petersburg great grandchildren- Soren and Boden.  This past fall we were able to load up, fly to Minneapolis, jump in a car and drive down to Iowa to visit great grandma and grandpa.  Of course- Boden's grandma and grandpa Petersburg were also in attendance- and we were able to get a four generation picture of the Petersburg boys.

Of course, great grandma was well into the action as well- they decided little Mr. B. was alright- even if he didn't fully appreciate the corn.  And check this out- there is proof that Boden's momma did phenomenal with the trip- She's a pretty darn good momma.

At any rate- I hope you all enjoy...

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