Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Tricks Daily

For one day- we experienced a truly unique phenomenon. It would seem that Boden decided to try and play the air Mouth-Harp. There's yet to be a video game to come out that could exploit this particular niche (like guitar hero), but perhaps we're on to something. The only dilemma is that Mr. B. seems to have a bit of laziness about him, and will only perform with the use of someone else's finger. I don't quite understand him. I've raised the boy to be more motivated than that.


  1. What a prodigy!!! I wonder how long it will be till he's playing the mando...

  2. Well it had been awhile since we'd been on the blog. We love the infamous music maker - Master Babbling Boden! He's getting quite the set of lungs, and is happy to share with the world. Also loved your touching story of Soren's beautiful life, sweet little angel who touched so many. Two beautiful boys blessing two incredible parents who have blessed them right back with more love than anyone could ask for. We love ya! lisa & dennis

  3. Can you please bring Boden to Australia!! That would be great! Thanks!!
    LOVE you GUYS!!!