Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a Cup'o Joe

Some mornings- Stephanie gets to sleep a little extra, so Mr. B. comes out for the early morning newspaper and coffee with his pappi.  We're thinking this might be part of the reason Boden's a little dinky still... either that, or we haven't yet started him on a regular diet of meat.  Whatever the reason, he has totally embraced the opportunity to sit in the chair and have a cup'o joe.  The problem, however, is one of length.  You see- Mr. B. has yet to fit into the chair, so his only choice is to either prop up in somebody's lap, or belly up to the bar, if you will... But he's giving it a go.  And I thing that he would have preferred the Rocky Mountain News to the Denver Post.  If he could read that is.

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