Friday, August 7, 2009

Boden's First Homeboy!

Let us introduce you to Tariq- the turtle (or maybe tortoise, depending on who you talk to).
Boden has taken Tariq in as his first homeboy.  You can see them chillin' on the east side (of the house).  Tariq provides some phat convo, and has a conveniently placed snorkel on his mug for easy chewing.  Boden has successfull
y mouthed nearly every square inch of Tariq... that's what we call hookin'a brother up!

Fo-sho... Fo-schizzle.  

In addition- Boden has made friends with Mortamer the moose... he's from Canada.  Mort doesn't really say much, but he is more of the country friend.  His preference is the deep willow
 bottoms- not so much the corner.  He's a pretty cool guy too- and his antlers taste good.

That is all.  We'll keep you updated as Mr. B. continues to make friends.

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