Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boden's First Week of School

As many of you know- Mr. B. had his first week of school this last week... Big deal to say the least.  At least for his momma.

We knew he would probably be an instant hit when Gwen, a strapping young 8-9 month old scurried over to the boy at his first entrance and immediately gave him the oogly looks.  There was a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge... but I'm not sure that Boden is into older women at this point.

The little guy is attending classes three days a week- where he will generally learn to slobber on things, mouth the toys and thereby sucking the spit of other children, breaking the hearts of girls at an early age, and pooping his pants successfully and in a regular manner.

I think that we have a picture here of Joan- that's Mr. B's primary care giver.  She was very excited to meet the little guy and was all choked up when she learned about Boden big brother.  So I'm pretty sure that she'll do an excellent job.  Poor Joan didn't really have a chance...  The fiendishly handsome Mr. B. had her smitten at "tthhhbb."

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