Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Additional Homeboys

You've previously met Tariq. Boden and Tariq have remained close. As you can see. We thought it would be important to gain a more well rounded view of Mr. B... So we thought we would introduce you all to his larger circle of friends.

Gerrard is here. He's the pencil neck. His ears are particularly tasty- and when hanging from some sort of jungle-gym, he's by far the easiest leg to grab. In addition, we have monkey-doodle. Not much to say there. He's the one that always hangs around- doesn't say much honestly. But he's in the circle.

Anyway, you can make your own judgements. All we can do is raise the boy and pray for the best. We've been told that you can get a feel for where your kids are at, based on his friends... we'll let you decide.

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