Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Christmas!

As one would guess... Boden had one fine and dandy Christmas. Because we're so spread out- he's been having a bit of a prolonged Christmas... a little here at the homestead with ma and pa. Some down with Bedstefar and Barb. Quick trip to the west slope to be with Grandma and Grandpa Mac, and Great Boppa... and a just a touch of Grandma and Grandpa Petersburg- and look what you got.

In no particular order of significance, Boden was lucky enough to get his first ATW (all-terrain wagon), a
moose suit, one jim-dandy bugling elk, an Auntie Mylea hat, a talking dump truck, magical puppets to make his parents get to work- and a very large assortment of clothes and other spoils.

The action started early- before Christmas day in fact- when the little super genius began tearing into presents ahead of time. But, after holding the kid off, reading the Christmas story early in the morning with the family and graciously allowing his poppa a cup of coffee- it was on. Unfortunately, his great Boppa introduced him to a cup o'joe as well- but we're hoping it won't stunt the little guy's growth. Besides, I'm guessing he'll grow up a coffee snob.

Now we're all back home and waiting to get back started into the regular ole swing of things. Of course- we couldn't get here without a quick stop along the way for a major blow-out of the shorts along the highway... but hey- let's spread a little Christmas cheer at Starbucks- shall we? I told you the boy was a coffee snob.

That is all. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

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