Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Quickly to a Little Boy

Life in the last two months with Boden has been an incredibly fast transition. I suppose that's how it works with wee-bitty ankle biters. But it does seem to be increasing at a break-neck pace. The boy has been on his feet and running around now for almost two months- he just hit 15 months this week. He's no longer toddling around- he's at an all out sprint when he has the room. We've been out back doing a few gassers- football season is starting, so we may as well have him in shape.

Perhaps the most concerning turn in all of this, is the social development and skills that have become so readily apparent. For example- Take a peak at this picture with Tia Korona (AKA the sister-in-law). My Steph had just taught Boden how to kiss. Wouldn't you know it- the first young, pretty lady that walks through the door (other than momma, of course), the boy gets ahold of either side of her face, pulls her in, and plants a big'ole wet one on the girl. If you look closely- you can even see that Korona's trying to pull the kid away by the back of his shirt- But Mr. B. would rather have a long, drawn out and lingering smacker... I did not teach him this. Good instincts though. We just need to work on social appropriateness- she was just a couple weeks from marrying another man!

Speaking of which- Uncle Erik and Tia Korona just got hitched (and all the people said hurray). A great deal of thought, concern and preparation went into this for Boden. While he didn't have a direct role in the official proceedings- he did fight the happy couple for the spotlight during the festivities. I'm not sure how often we caught him flirting with the bridesmaids- but figuring that one of them was his momma, we let it slide.

However- we decided it was time to start figuring out the hair on this kid. If we had a good picture of the back of his melon, you'd see three consecutive cowlicks, that reverse in the direction with each swirl... counter clockwise, clockwise, counter clockwise. This is going to take some effort. I tried to comb the kids hair down in a respectable manner. But its fairly obvious that he's not the buttoned-down type. So- we went with it. Hawaiian shirts and floppy hair... I'm not making this up. You remember the Bo-hawk... now it has all the more glory. This is about all we can do.

Alright- so its a bit redneck...I guess you are what you are. We had a daddy-son day while Steph was at a conference... so what to do? Go to Bass Pro Shop of course. I had to find the kid a decent hat to start training the growing Boden-mullet... or the Bollet as I think we'll call it. This was the best I could do. Steph told me later that it was a little over the top taking the kid in a white shirt with cut-off sleeves- but I can honestly say it was an accident! At least it had some hawaiian print on the front. The best part of Bass Pro? I'm fairly certain the boy would say it was all the critters that he got to growl at. I'm guessing he thinks that not only do bears and wolves growl... but so do elk, zebras, bison, beavers, ducks, you name it.

More to come later... it just takes a bit longer to get some video up- but it's on its way. Until then... enjoy.

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