Saturday, August 14, 2010

He's got the Jive

I'm not particularly sure that you can say that one who listens to bluegrass has... jive. But if there is an exception to the rule, we may have found it. While he doesn't particularly discriminate, Boden certainly has a bit of an affinity for the banjo and mandolin...

Its a funny thing- B. will just break out in new dance moves, then forget about it entirely, only to pick right back up where he started. You'll see there's the rump shake, the head bob, cool guy arm swing, foot tap, and leg twitch, all at different junctures through this little snippet.

This is fairly classic Boden. nonchalantly removing all things from toy box and stopping to wave at the neighbors, when suddenly, the music grips him and he has no other option but to let it out! you just gotta go with it- life is short.

This is a bit lengthy, but well worth the time. I hope you enjoy it...

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