Sunday, May 16, 2010


Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dennis got little Mr. B. a swing way back for Christmas. The problem with swings in the place we live is all the darn snow... But its starting (ever so slowly) to go away. Never mind that we got about six inches earlier this week.

Now we have the thing up (Thanks Coozin Jason!)- its been up for a few weeks and we've maybe been able to use it about half the time. Boden so loves to go out, spend a little time in the swing and go look at trees, that he's learned what his jacket means and will get just a bit giddy at the sight of it. The boy lives by one simple premise when he's in the swing... The higher, the better.
To top it off- Bestafar (Lars) and Barb got this kid a turtle sandbox for the deck. Not quite like a trip to Bora Bora... but Boden really likes it.
So, the boy is starting to fall in love with the back yard. I think he'd spend all day out there if he could. We might let him if we could keep the kid from eating elk poop. However- somehow, "Boden, don't eat the elk poop" gets lost in translation from us to him. But he still spends a whole lot of time out back.

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