Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moving Along

Steph and I have been thinking that Boden might decide not to crawl. We both know that crawling is a normal part of baby-hood... but Mr. B. really doesn't like his stomach so much. At seven months, he really doesn't show a whole lot of ambition to get up on his hands and knees.

We think that our thoughts might be confirmed with some recent events. It seems that if you'll give him just a little support, Boden would be happy to run around just about every where on his two bowed legs. And just today- he's figured out that if you're not willing to help, he'll just roll on over to whatever it is he wants.

The real genius in all of this is the multi-pivot rolling it takes to get hither and yon. It might take the little fella a few starts and gos to get the right angle on the chewy thing- but by-golly, he'll get there. We spent a good half hour tonight watching the goober steam roll everything in sight. Its a sure sign... he's not messing around with any of this crawling crap.

Carry on.

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