Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Ladies Man Strikes Again!

Recently- Boden was dedicated at our church and as part of the festivities, he invited all of his phat friends over to hang. It turned out to be quite the shindig until things got a little out of hand...

As you can see- Mr. B. is having a few words with Courtney. He's not looking for anything serious- just a good time with a hot little lady. Courtney's sister Samantha is going out with Soren (at least that's what we believe, if such a thing happens in heaven). Seeing what was happening from across the room, Atley abruptly butts in trying to snag the attention of this hot hunk of man. Thankfully, there were adults near by to keep things tame- but you can get the idea of what could have happened here. Could of been ugly... I'm telling you- this guy has more moves at four months old than I could have ever hoped for...

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