Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dancing Man!

This little fella likes the dancing. There are different things that he digs... Beyonce (he likes girls...what can we say), John Denver, Jack Johnson... Boden definitely hits all genres.
Most of the dancing is hard to sustain- I think that's because either: a. The computer won't load the music video fast enough... b. The boy-child gets distracted by other play items on the fireplace... c. Momma thinks he's too young to be dancing to that kind of music. But the rhythm is always just bubbling below the surface.

Mr. B. has also been honing other talents... placing cheese in his onesie, throwing fits, snuggling up with all the stuffed animals. The changes are coming almost daily. In fact- just the other morning we went to get that boy out of bed in the morning and found the kid with his head above the top rail, standing up and waiting to be pulled out.

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