Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break Party!

In the middle of March- we had the chance to head south like a bunch of snow birds and hang out in Phoenix for a few days with Stephanie's side a little bit... Mr. B. was a little tired of the snow- so it worked well. He was ready to trade snow angels for farmer tans. So- we loaded up in the ole 737 and jumped ship down south.

Probably the highlight of the entire trip was getting to have the chance for Boden to get a good chunk of time to spend with Stephanie's grand dad. Otherwise affectionately known as Boppa. It works well, because Boppa calls Boden... Bogie. I guess it has a certain ring to it- like a seventies sitcom or something- "The Big Bop and Bogie"

We had a lot of firsts on this trip: The Zoo, Swimming Pools, A Baseball Game, Shrieking like a Banshee in the airplane, meeting an overly friendly large man with a beard and gold chains... But what's life if you can't have experiences- heh? We're just making sure our son gets a good early life knapsack full o'fun.

It was a ball getting to have the whole family around- Auntie Brook, Uncle Don, Tia Korona, Z-man, Erik the Great, Boppa and of course, G&G Mac... The only real mishap was a big cup of coffee placed in an unfortunate location next to the white couch and within striking distance of a 10 month old. It could be worse...

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