Monday, March 22, 2010

Things Boden Likes

This is a constant update that we need to make. So we'll start the list:

Anything new... books, forks, electrical cords, etc...


Auntie Mylea's hat, but not the valentines day hat from the day care...Wyatt likes the Valentines day hat- good enough

Pita chips

Club Crackers

The moose suit that daddy got him
Pulling Mommy's hair

Climbing over his parents, or using them as tunnels

Sleep! Craziness... oh how things change

Having Elway lick his feet


Knots in the hard wood floor

His Hair... kind of like Coozin Jason's

Snatching daddy's sun glasses

The list is on-going. But to some it up- Mr. B. likes anything that will provide a scratch for his curiosity itch... Hopefully he doesn't get a rash. But Steph has a cream for that.

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