Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. B. Meets the Austin Crowd

Hi folks-

Auntie Mylea and Uncle Todd made their way up from Austin here recently... It seems that the little guy has been able to draw the crowd in from far and wide.

What we discovered is that Boden has taken a liking to his Uncle's music- even if he says he's never played a Ukulele. What we found out is that Todd has the knack for taking the little feller out on the deck and putting him so sleep with a little strumming- and maybe if it isn't sleep, at least he's not spitting on us instead.

And for Mylea? I think she got him started on spicey food and being distracted with nearly everything- I think its the enthusiasm for life concept that she was trying to convey. Mylea was trying to get Steph to eat some jalepenos, a few chile rellenos and anything else that might cause the rest of us flaming mouths and indigestion- just to see what the ankle-biter might be in to. Stephanie declined the best I could tell.

You might notice Boden's hat... that's a Mylea special- I pretty sure he likes it- and its functional... I think it'll last till he's at least 2. I'm pretty sure he's practical.

At any rate- I think that Mr. B. certainly enjoyed the doting- And I think that Mylea and Todd were okay with it too.

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  1. Yay for cute Boden Pictures! I'm so excited you guys joined the technology world! :-)