Friday, December 30, 2011

Uhhm... Guess What?

Okay, Okay... Not a lot of excuses... Although- if you look at the dates- we haven't posted since last March- Some 9 Months Ago...

Hmm- Oh yeah- Boden's getting a little brother! Here in the next week and a half actually- So, I'd have to say that our excuse is that we've been slowly coming to grips with the fact that our sanity is about to completely leave us.

January 10th is the day that is set at the hospital for P3 to come into this world (the 3rd Peanut if you will). So- in the mean time, we've been working with Boden to entertain himself... short of sticking him in a closet and ignoring him. The B. has now figured out my I-Pod... If I had more time tonight, we have some great video of him rocking out... but this will have to do.

Christmas with the Cowboy Gear

Everybody- I give you CORN!

So- Our apologies for not really being able to update you on the last while... But the big highlights are a trip to California, Boden's turning 2 (in May!), everybody we know getting pregnant, and PapaSteve got knocked out by a goose (hopefully more of that to come later).

At any rate- Give us a prayer... we're about a week and a half to having another boy hitting the ground...

Love you all-

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  1. Ah, Thanks for the update! I was wondering if another was on the way! You guys are a boy family! :-) Can't wait for news of the newest boy, congratulations!! I am updating ours this week...really :-)