Monday, January 31, 2011

Crazy hair, crazy face, and crazy independence

So once again, its been a while...and boy is Boden changing. Getting a little defiant, picking up a word a day at least, and about as funny as they come. We've been working on counting, the ABCs and body parts. Just today on the ride home from daycare, I asked Boden where his nose was (correctly identified), then how many holes it had...9. His favorite numbers are 2 and 9, favorite colors - blue and yellow. He is also really interested in his "belbo" (elbow) and Welway (Elway)...we figure correct pronunciation will come with time.
His imagination seems to be in overdrive...
but we can't always figure out what he is thinking....exhibit A
Although most definitely all boy, Boden is also becoming quite independent, as is evidenced in his dressing. He really wanted THESE socks on RIGHT NOW... and in case you can't tell, he is wearing plaid pj pants, boots, a blue sweat shirt, his camo coat, and on top of it all, a second camo coat that fit at six months while swinging...very styling!
Boden's "Crazy Face" - becoming a legendCrazy hair - always best when waking up from a nap...look at those curls!

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