Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hunk O'Man

Mr. B just turned six months here recently... It's gone by super fast. I thought that I should update you on all the latest significant developments.

The feller is starting to stretch out just a bit- but he's kind of a little bugger still at this point. He's growing- that's for sure, bu
t right now, he's kind of taking after his momma in the size department. We'll see... the little guy started eating bit of cereal and some fantastic sweet potatoes in the last ten days. Protein shakes start in December... That ought to bulk him up a bit.

The Bo-hawk is alive and well. The only really change to it is that Boden's hair is kind of sprouting in a stripe, so he's looking a little like a british rocker. Not a bad look. Its coming back en vogue.

Curiosity is kind of the driving force right now. Most thoughts contain some sort of paraphrase along lines of "hmmm.... I wonder if the __________ can entirely fit in my mouth. If not, I bet I can bang the _______ against the _________ and find a way to pee on it!" It happens. Not lying here. The boy is focused. I can tell you that many of Boden's favorite things are coffee cups, anything flashing, most dangly things, and items you can gag on. All of which have a niche in life.

Boden has graduated to size 2 diapers. Big step, I know. And we just moved him up to the 3-6 month clothes. Like I said, he's taking after his momma at this point, but I can see that the bone
structure is there to pack on some significant muscle mass... In addition- we sort of think he's going to blow off this dumb ole crawling bit and go straight to the walking. He's got focus, I'm telling you. And... Uncle Todd- I think we have a south-paw. I'm not certain yet, but if I was a betting man... We might be switching our athletic goals from a linebacker to a left-handed pitcher. They're hard to come by.

That's about enough for this rambling. Hope you enjoy the boy...

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  1. South paw!! That's my boy! Tell my nephew I promise to show him my sidearm throw... Lefty's rule...

    Happy New Year,
    Uncle Todd